Attention newbies who seriously want to make money online.

Do You Wish There Was A Way To Create Your Own Highly Profitable Product In Just Minutes WITHOUT Spending Another Dime? Then You Need This!

Now is the time to fill your wallet… instead of emptying it.

Hi there,


As any genuine Internet Marketing Coach or self-appointed ‘guru’ will tell you… The best way to make a consistent high-level income online, is to create and sell your own products.


Sure, you can continue making sporadic 50% commissions as an affiliate – promoting other people’s products…


… But, it’s not until you have your own products, where you either get to keep 100% of the proceeds of an entire product marketing funnel…


… Or have an entire army of affiliates sending you traffic to your sales pages, that things will really start to ramp-up for you…


… And ‘turbo charge’ your profits to the high level that you’ve secretly been dreaming about.


But, if you have never created your own product, or done anything like this before, this can be a scary thought,




After all, won’t it cost a fortune to buy all the software you’ll need to actually create a decent product?


Is the thought of licensing software like Camtasia for $300 (so you can make screen recordings)… Or investing $600 to get access to Adobe Creative Suite so you can edit photos, audio, video etc – Filling you with dread?


It would if I was just starting out… So, no wonder you’re reluctant!

But what if I could GENUINELY show you how to:

Create Products that you are PROUD to sell (for Premium Prices).

Create Products that have real VALUE (for both you and your customers).

Make your own products WITHOUT spending another penny of your hard earned money.

And how you can do this as many times as you like…  So that you can quickly build out a complete (highly profitable) product marketing funnel, that has as many order bumps, upsells, downsells and cross-sells as you want…  


All with the goal of making your information marketing business as profitable as it truly can be…. While at the same time giving the most value to your customers as you possibly can.


Does that sound good?


Then I think it’s about time I introduced you to a proven strategy for creating desirable information products that people are willing to pay handsomely for … But cost you absolutely NOTHING to create.


That’s right.


You can create them COMPELTELY FREE. For Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


I call this strategy of product creation The Zero Cost Method.

Introducing The Zero Cost Method
Of Product Creation

The tools and resources I use to create my products while ‘completely free’ can be pretty hard to find.


In fact, it’s taken me several years to build up my rolodex of free resources. Not because their hidden on the ‘Dark Web’ or anything like that… But for two less obvious reasons.

Reason 1. The affiliate marketers who send promotional emails to your email inbox, never mention them. They only tend to promote products and services that pay them the highest affiliate commissions. So, these free alternatives are rarely ever discussed or spoken about.


Reason 2. Unless you know the exact name of the free product you’re looking for, it will be buried deep in the Google search results. Because the first 2-3 pages, only feature the big ‘brand-name solutions’ together with the ‘paid listings’ which obviously, the free software providers cannot afford to pay for.

Please Note: This is a digital product, image for visualization purposes only.

The end result is that it can be really hard to find any ‘good’ free alternatives. And if, like most people, you’re not prepared (like I was) to spend countless hours trawling through the various alternative options… and then testing and trying each product to see if it was viable – you’re stuffed.


That is of course until now 🙂


I wanted to do something about it.


The result is that I have produced an easy-to-follow strategy called The Zero Cost Method Of Product Creation.


A strategy to use a set of resources, that’s so easy to follow and apply, I truly believe it could rapidly change the way you run your online business… increase your online profits… and perhaps even change your life.

Create Your Products For Free – Then Sell Everything You Make For An Immediate Profit

Though I haven’t got much space in this letter to reveal everything to you, how about I give you a sneak peek into the type of thing you’re going to discover inside the guide.

It’s all included, plus much more besides.


So, why not join me and get your copy of The Zero Cost Method Of Product Creation and get started making your first / next product for free… and make a profit from the very first sale you make.

I truly can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t use The Zero Cost Method Of Product Creation to make an awesome product that sells like Gangbusters.

Well, I could go on and on, but I’m sure you are beginning to get the picture. There is so much in this breakthrough product … Remarkable information which you’ll be discovering for the first time.


In fact, armed with The Zero Cost Method and the resources it contains, I truly can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t make money from this.


Especially when, remember, creating and profiting from your own products, really does open up so many more income opportunities for you… Some of which you may not even be aware of yet.


I know I‘ve overdelivered with The Zero Cost Method. I have even put in a few extra secrets which my original ‘multi-million dollar mentor’ told me in no uncertain terms “you have to leave those out of the final draft”


… And if I’m being completely honest with you, they’re such powerful ideas I’m now having serious thoughts about keeping them in the guide the next time I update everything.

100% Newbie Friendly

If you’re a complete newcomer to the idea of creating and selling products online, then you’re actually in a very privileged position. Because just two or three years ago you would’ve needed to have invested a lot of money to get started… But nowadays there’s a whole raft of free alternatives available for you to benefit from compared to those original high-priced brand name solutions. On the other hand, if perhaps you’ve been investing in your online business for a while and already have some monthly/annual payment subscriptions set up and in place… … Then I would equally be amazed if you wouldn’t be able to save money by cancelling either one or more of your existing services and swapping over to some of the free alternatives suggested within the pages of The Zero Cost Method. That’s what usually happens soon after customers read through The Zero Cost Method for the very first time. In fact, this reminds me of another free alternative I forgot to mention above that you’ll read about on page 23 which may even save you another $238.88/year compared to its closest brand-name competitor. And that’s just the beginning… If you follow the advice, I share throughout The Zero Cost Method you could end up saving yourself a whopping $2,945.32/year in software and other costs… And who doesn’t want to make savings like those? This awesome little guide takes you from owning a domain name and having a hosting account and shows you how to create an unlimited amount of money-making products of your own without spending another cent. In short, it shows you all the resources you need to make money and not spend money to make it happen.

Okay Dennis How Much Is The Zero Cost Method?

You’re going to be quite pleasantly surprised. I guarantee it. Not only because you could end up saving nearly a hundred times more than the low cost special offer price… 


But, also because, when you snap up your copy of The Zero Cost Method Of Product Creation today … you’ll also receive a FREE Bonus Package worth $97 which is full of some amazing extra resources which will show you how to promote and sell your newly created products to customers from all over the world in record time.


Please Note: This is a digital product, image for visualization purposes only.

The Best Ways to Sell and Securely Deliver Your Info Products


Please Note: This is a digital product, image for visualization purposes only.

How to Quickly Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple The Price Of Your Product And Have Your Customers Love You Even More For Doing So


Please Note: This is a digital product, image for visualization purposes only.

Ultimate FREE Traffic

Okay Dennis, fair enough. So how much is The Zero Cost Method?

“Okay, fair enough. So how much is The Zero Cost Method? How much for a program that will teach me all I need to know about creating my own unique products, (from scratch, for free) which I can then sell online without any restrictions and keep 100% of the profits.”


Well, if I told you that I would normally market a product like this for around $97, but that I was going to make a very special offer to you, how much do you think it would be? …

Possibly, $67?


WRONG! Because right now I running a special promotion and giving you the opportunity to get your copy of  The Zero Cost Method Of Product Creation, (including the bonus package worth $97), for lowest price I’ve ever offered it for. Just $47 and make it available for you to download immediately after you checkout.

Believe me, this is real.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how good such a product could be for such a low price, let me answer you.

Often low price means low quality, we both know that, but very occasionally you do get incredible value … This just happens to be one of those times.

Honestly, it’s a great deal, and I’m sure you already appreciate that, but if you are still unsure about either the quality of the information, why not take a look at a few comments from existing customers who’ve already discovered everything that The Zero Cost Method has to offer.

“The Zero Cost Method has allowed me to start making my own products, without having to worry at all about paying any monthly fees, or having any massive upfront costs. The best thing is that you don't even have to invest in any expensive software to get started”
“I think everyone who's genuinely interested in making money online should own a copy of this. The information you'll find in the Zero Cost Method really is top notch… it shows you how to make money online without having to invest a fortune in software services and subscriptions. I(t really is worth its waiting gold… Plus there are also some really good bonuses with it too”
“The information on just page one can save you more than the price of the zero cost method itself. It's great… I just can't recommend the zero cost method highly enough… I honestly would've paid twice the amount.”

While this positive feedback from others is truly amazing, I also want to know that you are also personally thrilled with everything you receive too.


With this in mind, I want you to know that if you are not completely happy, I don’t want to keep your money.


So, I’d like to offer you a complete full satisfaction money back guarantee to give you the reassurance you need to place your trust in me and my ability to deliver everything I have promised you here on this page.


It’s quite simple … there are no catches or stupid hidden clauses (don’t you just hate those kind of things). Instead, all I ask is that you just read through The Zero Cost Method and try out the free resources you’ll be introduced to.


If afterwards you don’t think you can make ‘a killer product’ with these zero cost method strategies, fine, just let me know WITHIN 30 DAYS and I’ll immediately refund your purchase price in full.



There are NO QUESTIONS … NO GIMMICKY RULES. You don’t have to explain to me why you don’t want to continue. NOTHING!



All I’m asking is that you just read it! … Even try The Zero Cost Method out if you like. Either way, if you aren’t thrilled, then honestly, I really don’t want to keep your money. I want you to be completely happy with what you get.


So just let me know if it’s not for you and I’ll refund you immediately and then send you an email confirmation when it has been done. That’s a 100% GUARANTEE!



Furthermore, even if you do decide to request a refund of The Zero Cost Method, you are free to keep ALL the bonuses with my compliments … that’s the special reports called The Best Ways to Sell and Securely Deliver Your Info Products… And How to Quickly Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple The Price Of Your Product And Have Your Customers Love You Even More For Doing So … And finally Ultimate Free Traffic … All Just for taking a look at this amazing Zero Cost Method program.



They’ll be yours with my compliments, whatever you decide.



At the very worst, even if you decided The Zero Cost Method isn’t for you after reading it through, you’d still end up with over $97 worth of bonuses. In other words, I’ve literally REMOVED all the risk, so you really do have nothing to lose by at least taking a look.


Fair enough?



This way you really do have everything to gain and absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE.



In fact, the only way to lose out would be to leave this page without snapping up this amazing opportunity and discovering how to create your very own products without it costing you a single cent to create them.



So, be sure to get your copy of The Zero Cost Method today, this way, you can only GAIN something no matter what you ‘eventually’ decide to do.



Which I guess brings me to the end of this invitation. So, I suppose it’s now over to you. I sincerely hope you realise that you have a wonderful opportunity in the next few seconds to literally change the course of your online business (and your life). As literally all the ‘financial barriers of entry’ to get started as a successful, (and highly paid), Product Creator have finally been wiped away forever.

I understand that that this Special Offer Price may end at any time, but If I order today, I will have full access to EVERYTHING including the extra bonus package valued at $97 for just $47.

There’s now nothing standing in your way from creating as many highly profitable products that you can sell for anywhere from $9.97 all the way up to $997 (and perhaps even higher) as you like.

The sky is the limit.

And in case you’re wondering … There are no restrictions on how many products you create using The Zero Cost Method… and there’s equally no restrictions on how many copies of those products you could sell to customers who will be digitally downloading them from the Internet.


So, there’s virtually nothing to pay in terms of fulfilling your orders either. Perhaps a few cents for payment processing fees.


But that’s it. The rest is 100% pure profit.

Dennis Bancroft

Dennis Bancroft


If you’re looking for the most cost-effective ways to create simple products to sell online for a profit, then you have found exactly what you’ve been looking for. The Zero Cost Method will allow you to finally achieve that goal without making another investment in any expensive software or signing up for any more ongoing monthly subscriptions.


With your 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, you have no risk whatsoever… And every reason why you should get your copy today. Do that now and in the next 3 minutes you could be discovering The Zero Cost Method of making money that could – quite literally – change your life.

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